Anison Tona Consulting Limited

Corporate Training Program

Corporate Training Program

Our practice primarily focuses on Sales Training Consultancy and Softskills Training Programs for different industries. Areas of expertise embrace performance management and training issues, including : need and/or task analysis, program design and development, execution, follow-up, and results audit. Sales, services, customer service, stress, employee empowerment, team work, management development training issues are areas of skill development where we are focus. We help our clients discover, establish, organize, market, grow, and/or embrace performance management strategic planning.

Sales Training Consultancy

We specialized in training sales staff to become more confident, well organized and professional in their sales role. Our aim is to help sales staff reach their full potential, through sales training and development. We provide a wide range of sales training programmes, consultancy services and self-development products for sales staff.

Softskills Training

Improve individual performance, working relationships, sales achievement, management practice and contentment among the workplace by studying, discussing and practicing the art of efficient softskills.